Small Balanced Meals

written by admin on July 21, 2017 in Diet Rumor with no comments

I’m not sure how many of you are on a diet, have been on a diet, or intend to go on a diet, but this rumor comes from Todd in Iowa.

Todd wrote in an informed that he has tried every diet you might have tried, from vegetarian, to low carb, to just cutting calories in general and he always falls off the wagon. Todd related he gains back all the weight he did lost, plus some. Todd went on to say his wife bought some balanced snack meals from Sargento Cheese at the grocery store (there are others like so look around the store – we are not promoting one brand just relating the story). Apparently, these little plastic trays contain some chunks of cheese, nuts and dried fruit. Todd’s wife told him to try and eat two or three of these snacks throughout the day to see if it will help his desire to over eat every day at lunch. Todd related he hates the taste of dried fruit, so he wasn’t excited about trying these. As the story goes Todd grabbed three of these trays and went to work. He related that on his way to work he ate one tray, since he never eats breakfast and is always hungry until he goes to lunch, where per Todd he over eats. Todd told us that about five to ten minutes after he ate one of the snack trays he felt good. Todd thinks the combination of foods raised his blood sugar and kept it there. We think if Todd just ate breakfast everyday he would feel better in general, since that helps to stabilize blood sugar as well. Per Todd these trays of snacks are very small, so that alone helps to cut down on calories, yet help get his blood sugar up. Todd related that as the day went on he ate another tray of these snacks about two hours after arriving at work, and he continued to feel good. At noon Todd related he wasn’t as hungry as normal, so instead of going out to lunch he went to the local grocery store and bought more of the snack trays. He mentioned he ate two more trays on top of the one he had at lunch. Todd ate a total of five trays of snacks without having lunch, and per Todd it was the best he felt in a long time. Todd’s guess was that he must have had a daily problem with his diet, and eating four or five snacks everyday balanced his blood sugar.

Well I know most of us have heard that eating four to six small meals throughout the day will help to keep us energized. Most of us also know what Todd found out that he most likely was having spikes with his blood sugar, and that the diets he had tried in the past were not working because he was cutting calories without balancing his blood sugar. Todd went on to tell us that he now eats only these snack trays throughout the day now, and then has a balanced meal at night. After five weeks of eating snack trays and a normal dinner, he lost fourteen pounds. Good for Todd! Balancing your blood sugar while on a diet is not easy. We want to thank Todd for reminding us, that cutting calories and eating small meals throughout the day is the best way to lose weight and to stay energized.

Anyone else have some good ideas or rumors to share? Don’t forget all our rumors come from all different sources, so before starting any diets, check with your doctor first!