Lowering Cholesterol

written by admin on April 16, 2017 in General health Rumors and Supplement Rumor with no comments

I heard this rumor at the fitness center. A couple guys were talking in the sauna about Red Rice Yeast. Apparently one of the guys in the sauna was told by his doctor that he should try and lower his LDL cholesterol with the help from a supplement sold over the counter called Red Rice Yeast. From what I heard this gentleman say was that his doctor told him that he could lower his bad cholesterol (LDL) by 25 to 35 points just by adding Red Rice Yeast supplement to his diet. The doctor encouraged him to try it, since it was sold over the counter and he would not have to take cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) if it worked for him.

Red Rice Yeast is an extract made by fermenting rice with an item called Red Yeast (monascuspurpureus) is the formal name of the yeast strain, so I prefer to say Red Yeast. Obviously this explains the name of the product.

I asked a nutritionist I know about Red Rice Yeast, and if it does help to lower cholesterol. He related that yes Red Rice Yeast has shown very positive results for lowering cholesterol. He also related that the same dangerous side effects people have from Statins can happen using this more natural form supplement for lowering cholesterol. One more bit of information that was related to me was that chances are this and statins or Red Rice Yeast may lower both good and bad cholesterol, so caution is needed.

Someone I know was on a statin and it was very effected for lowering his cholesterol. He mentioned that his cholesterol was lowered but it caused such muscle aches and even mild depression he took himself off the statin and he improved within days. The best way to lower cholesterol is by changing our eating habits but that is easier said than done.

If you do decide to try Red Rice Yeast, I would suggest trying it in very small doses to see how your body reacts to it. Keep in mind supplements are a great way to supplement our diets. Supplements are not as closely regulated as medicines, so just use common sense when introducing new supplement into your body. Another important note is that you should always check with your doctor about the products you take and are thinking about taking.

If you’re thinking about this product try or any other product, then read some related information about cholesterol on this link. Cholesterol is important and needed for our overall health, so use A LOT of caution.