Liquid Alive Bacteria Cleaner

written by admin on April 15, 2017 in General health Rumors with no comments

I had to share this rumor about Liquid Alive sold by ITW Pro Brands.

Liquid Alive is a liquid cleaner that has good bacteria in it, you know they like tell us about yogurt. I read about liquid alive from ITW, and purchased some to clean mold and algae off my cement stairs leading into the basement of my home. I needed a cleaner that was environmentally friendly and not harmful to pets. Every year we seem to grow this mold and algae but soap and water never seemed to get it all up. I didn’t want to use bleach which could harm the color of the cement or make my dogs sick. I ordered the liquid alive and followed the instructions. I’ll tell you right now, it was amazing. I sprayed it direct onto to all the mold and algae, and let it sit for 5 mins. I then sprayed it with water, and brushed it with a stiff brush. Amazing that it completely cleaned all the mold and algae. That never happened before. There was always a little light green left on the steps. Cleaning with liquid alive, it was all gone and it doesn’t seem to be growing back this time.

Liquid alive is supposed to be good for cleaning urine stains in carpeting, and for cleaning kennels. We have a secure porch area for our dogs to relive themselves on what called a porch potty. Here is a picture of it below. The urine drains done into plastic pots underneath the porch potty, and it needs to be cleaned weekly.

porch-potty- 1jpg

The dogs can get to that area thru a small doggie door. We use artificial grass on ours. I’m telling this story because we now use the liquid live to clean not only the white bottom tray, but the artificial grass as well. There is zero smell of urine, and as I said it’s pet friendly.

You can spray on liquid alive or mix in a bucket of water and just mop with it. I was told that this product is used to clean the floor in meat packing companies. I can’t confirm that, but I was told that it cleans and kills all the malodor and bacteria. I know it works on urine, so I can see where this could be true.

I do not get paid for these rumors, I just share the information. This rumor is true because I use it myself. Give it a shot for pet urine, kennels, food areas, kitchen drains etc. Good stuff! If you get some, please write and share your experience with it. Two thumbs up from me. Below is a link to a video about liquid alive. If you search the internet, there is a lot of places to buy it online.