Insulin Resistant Diet

written by admin on July 12, 2017 in Diet Rumor with no comments

This rumor comes from Sean in Illinois. Sean related that over two years ago he went to a low carb diet. Like many people, he heard you can eat bacon, meats, cheeses and other fats and lose weight. Sean further related that he lost a lot of weight very quickly on this new diet, and stopped eating carbs, such as bread, pasta, and rice. After about a year of continuing to eat the items listed above, his belly started growing. He continued eating the low carb diet and his belly just kept growing. He couldn’t figure it out. Per Sean his frustration level grew with what is known as an insulin resistant belly and was just out of control. Sean related he noticed his muscles did not grow at all, but in fact were getting smaller. Sean related that two of his friends that went on the same diet had the same problem. Their stomachs kept growing larger. All three of them decided that needed to change somehow. All three of them stopped eating meat, cheese, and fats, and stopped drinking alcohol for 30 days. Per Sean after about a week he noticed he stomach starting to shrink. At the end of 30 days all three men had reduced the size of their stomachs.

Sean related he brought good carbs back into his diet and he felt more energy, his muscles seem to come back while working out, and his stomach did not grow back.

This is another example of why we call this blog Health Rumor. What really works, what doesn’t work. If you’re thinking about a low carb diet, read as many articles as possible as to the side effects of low carb dieting. We found that meat, cheeses, fats, processed meat will cause you to become insulin resistant, which is not good for anyone. Beside that it is not good or you, that is not what low carb diets should consist of. Too many street rumors that meat, cheese and fat were okay to eat. I was such a fan of low carb, but now I too have changed my mind. Fruits, veggies, fish and chicken are now my main stay foods, and I feel good and have not gained weight.

Thanks to Sean for writing in, there is always something to learn. Because of Sean’s story, we are deleting low carb diet related rumors. This will keep us all current on the latest rumor about insulin resistant dieting.