Himalayan Salt

written by admin on February 12, 2017 in Food Rumor and Supplement Rumor with no comments

Since I wrote about Keto Diet and the use of Himalayan Salt was mentioned, more than a few people wanted me to write about Himalayan Salt.

Well I don’t know too much about this type of salt, other than it’s supposed to be good for you. I asked a couple nutrition experts and they both told me, it helps with hydration, helps to balance electrolytes, prevents muscle cramping, lower blood pressure, helps to balance blood sugar, helps the brain and your mood, and helps to strengthen bones to name a few. To help provide the best information possible I’m going to provide a link to the Himalayan Salt Shop where you can read more about from it experts in the field of Himalayan Salt.

Now with that said I bought some, and it helps me with the low carb flu, but it also provides a sense of added energy. This is now the only salt I cook with as well. It tastes great on food, but go the Himalayan Salt Shop and find out more about it and whether you want to share the information with your doctor.

Keep in mind this blog only brings up information that we hear about, and we are not doctors. Always see your Doctor before taking anything including Himalayan Salt.