Health Rumor about Diets for 2017

written by admin on February 11, 2017 in Diet Rumor and Food Rumor with no comments

Since the beginning of the new year 2017, I can’t tell you how many people are reaching out looking for the next best and fastest way to lose weight. We all know that the beginning of every year there are a lot of people that make News Year Resolutions to better themselves. Many of those resolutions pertain to losing weight and to get in some form of better physical condition than they are now.

Now with that said, I would say that the overwhelming majority of people asking about weight loss are very interested in some form of low carb, keto diet. It is perceived that it will be the fastest way to weight loss. I tend to agree, but if it is not followed correctly it could possibly be the worst diet they could go on. I have mentioned this diet before, and it worked well for me up until my job changed and I needed to become more physical.

Since this blog is called Health Rumor, as we say over and over we are not doctors and only share information we heart about. Readers can then decide to research further for more information that they can hopefully discuss with their doctor.

I thought about this and decided to share several links where people can read and or view other people’s opinion. I found a few on You Tube. Some were just down right boring and filled with what I thought were some crazy theories pertaining to weight loss and low carb diets

Below you find some links on the internet that I thought might be interesting for people to help form their own thoughts and ideas as to what they might want to do. I have no affiliation with these people on You Tube or Face Book.

No matter what we do not condone or recommend any of these diets or exercises, we are only sharing information that you can take to your doctor for further review.


This is Nurse Felician’s link to her FB page and her YouTube videos. She has good ideas and is upbeat enough where you won’t lose interest

FB –

YouTube –


This is Zac Griffith link to You Tube and his thoughts on Keto. I like what he reminds us of regarding the low carb flu. It makes a difference at least in my opinion –


Here is a link to Dr Mark Hyman and his view eating fat for our health – what its worth, I think Dr. Hyman has it right. Just look around at how large people have become on carbs, and their insulin resistant stomachs. Again, this is just my opinion and it doesn’t mean I’m right.

Okay, hopefully you saw the videos on the links above. One thing I learned was I was leaning more towards eating protein verses fat. I have now changed to eating more healthy fat, which is not always easy to find. Then I had the brilliant idea to gather what are referred to has healthy fats and sell them online for those interested in the keto life style. As I began my search for healthy fats, someone already came up with a way for us to get all the hard to get healthy fats. Here is the link to FatWorks . They have a great selection on fats that I had to order. Seriously go to their store and review their products, it’s awesome. By the way it took a little getting used to eating 70 some percent of fat, but like Nurse Felician tells us on You Tube it does work.

Well I think this gives some of you some food for thought on the low carb or Keto Diet. How you pursue this with your doctor is up to you. I know one thing that helped me to keep my carbs down even when I’m physical is the fact we need salt on a Keto Diet. We lose so much water weight it’s important to hydrate and to make sure we balance our electrolytes.

Let us know your thoughts on the Keto Diet or whatever diet you’re on. As I mentioned so many people have asked about the Keto Diet so we shared this blog.