Cleansing your Liver for Weight Loss

written by admin on January 8, 2017 in Diet Rumor with no comments

This health rumor was sent in by Becky, from Iowa. Becky related she saw our rumor about Candida and weight loss, and wanted to share her story about how she focused on cleansing her liver to help lose weight.

Becky related she worked in a fast food restaurant, which she enjoyed. She mentioned that her employer offered free lunch or dinner to employers on the days that they were working. Becky related she worked 6 days a week and was eating foods that were mostly fried those six days a week that she worked, and she gained an extensive amount of weight.

Becky related that her brother was a bodybuilder and nutritionist, and one day he told Becky that she was looking unhealthy from all her weight gain, and that she might consider some type of weight loss and exercise program.  Becky mentioned that she knew that but being told about it affected her. Becky further related that she listened to her brother and began a new nutrition program of food and supplements to not only help her lose weight, but from her brother told her it would help clean out her liver. Becky’s brother told her that chances were that she was not only gaining weight from unwanted fat from all the fast food, but possibly causing her to have a fatty liver. If the liver is working hard to eliminate fat from the body day after day, chances were her brother might be right.

Bottom line Becky’s brother talked in her into eating a diet of 80% vegetables and 20% mixed of protein and fats. Her brother told her she could eat as many vegetables as she wanted, but had to keep the protein and fats to 20% or less. She also added the following items to help clean her liver, which Becky relates helped lose 19 lbs. in just 23 days. Becky went on to tell us that she stayed with the diet to this day (9 months) and lost a total of 47 lbs., and has now plateaued and is enjoying her new found energy.

Becky’s liver cleansing foods, and supplements recommended by her brother;

Apple Cider Vinager daily mixed in water (I tablespoon – 16oz of water)

Raw Clove of Garlic

Drank Green Tea

Olive Oil


Lemon Juice (fresh)

Grapefruit juice


Milk Thistle


Keep in Mind this is only what Becky recommended, and it does mean it will work for anyone else.  Always, always, we recommend that you check with your doctor before trying any new diet and or supplements, especially if you take medicine. Grapefruit juice can have an adverse reaction to the medicines you might be taking. No matter what if you think it is time to lose weight, then it is on you and no one else to make that happen.