Baby Food and Protein Diet

written by admin on September 5, 2017 in Diet Rumor and Food Rumor with no comments

This health rumor comes from Ed in Miami Florida. Ed related to us that for years and years he has gain and lost weight going from being a vegetarian to Low Carb dieting. No matter what Ed seemed to do for a diet to control his weight he seemed to always revert to his old ways. Ed felt it was because he was either missing carbs, or protein from meat so he over compensated when he tried to eat normally again.

Ed further related that over the years his stomach / digestive system became very sensitive to food. Ed feels as though his dieting caused his digestive sensitivity problems. Ed found that if he ate popcorn, nuts, and anything hard to digest he became bloated. Per Ed he was losing hope. Ed related that when he started some sort of a diet, especially low carb he would lose more muscle than fat and his stomach remained bloated. Ed decided to keep lifting heavy so that his muscle matched the size of his stomach. He felt he at least looked balanced.

After a few months of heavy lifting and eating Ed knew he had to do something to lose weight. Ed thought that if he ate food that was easy to digest he might be able to give his belly a much-needed break. Ed remembered years ago friends of his that were into bodybuilding would eat baby food to help with portion control. Ed decided he should start eating baby food because it would be easy to digest, and add protein like chicken, tuna fish, etc. to help keep his muscles.

Ed related after just one week of cutting his portion control with protein and baby food, his energy level increased dramatically and he lost 5 pounds. His second week, he lost 6 pounds. Ed feels that by feeding his body with protein for muscle, vegetable/fruit baby food carbs, and almost eliminating fat, he is well on his way to a healthy weight loss program that is sustainable. Ed related he no longer lifts heavy weight and that his stomach bloat has completely stopped. Ed also related that he will no longer eat popcorn or nuts to keep his stomach relaxed, but that he did add Benefiber to keep himself regular, and to help move food through his digestive system.

Per Ed he now changed his workouts to exercising such as lifting light weights and walking, and has lost 47 pounds in two months, without stomach bloat. Ed related he wants to maintain this life style change, and has incorporated a healthier normal dinner with his family, while remaining on baby food and protein during the day.

Keep in mind this is just another health rumor that might be worth considering, but always talk to your physician first be before making diet or exercise changes in your life. What might work for one person, may not work for another. We do like the idea of portion control to cut calories.

Thanks to Ed for sharing, on the surface it sounds good but everyone is different.