Weight Loss from Low Carb Diet and Candida Over Growth

written by admin on December 24, 2016 in Diet Rumor with no comments

Okay this health rumor came in from Tom located in the Midwest. Tom related to us that he had once experienced a tremendous amount of weight loss years ago by going on a low carb diet. Tom also mentioned he fell off the diet when he started to experience low energy and felt he needed more carbohydrates energy. After adding carbs back into his diet, he experienced weight gain. Tom further mentioned he gained back all his weight and more. This is not uncommon for many people.

Tom related he went back onto the low carb diet, since it worked before and it works fast. Tom related again he started losing weight quickly but this time for some reason he kept what he referred to as a beer belly.  Tom kept losing weight but the belly seemed to get bigger and bigger. Now he was confused. Tom decided to visit a holistic nutritionist to see what might be happening with his belly and why it was getting so big.

Guess what Tom found out? While he was on a low carb diet, he was in fact losing weight, but not all fat. He related he was losing a lot of muscle due to excess water loss while on a low carb diet. On top of that back when Tom fell off the low carb diet and begin eating carbs which were not all good like pasta and bread, he was adding a lot of starch and sugar into his body, and from what the nutritionist told him was that he created a huge culture of yeast in his body that feeds off sugar called Candida. What is Candida? From what Tom related to us was that Candida is a yeast infection that for years was thought to be only a female issue. Apparently, Candida effects men and women and it can manifest itself inside the intestines. As the Candida grows it causes bloating, gas, and belching. Tom related the nutritionist suspected that Tom was hurting himself by going to extreme with the low carb diet, and losing muscle yet still feeding the yeast infection inside his intestines, because Tom was still drinking wine while on a low carb diet and that was providing the sugar the Candida needed to grow. Tom was putting his body thru all kinds of mixed signals by going low carb and drinking wine every night.

Tom related that the nutritionist told him to add more low carb vegetables into his diet, along with proteins and fats maintaining the low carb diet. The nutritionist told Tom that low carb does not mean no carb, so adding complex carbohydrates back into his diet, he’ll be able to build muscle again while losing weight. He was also told to stop drinking wine or any alcohol which was supposedly was feeding sugar to the Candida growth in his intestine. The nutritionist also directed Tom to eat the following items which would help kill off the growth of yeast in his intestines. Tom related he was told to eat raw coconut oil, grape seed extract, raw garlic, cloves, and Candida support supplements.

Tom did as he was told and he related that within three days his stomach started to go down. He further related within 10 days he did not lose a lot of weight, but that his stomach size went down two inches. Tom related he was amazed how fast his belly went down.

Now Tom went on to say another problem came about while eating low carb, and continuing to eat the products that kill off Candida and that was low energy and body aches. The nutritionist told Tom the body aches and low energy was most likely due to the killing off the Candida and the release of all those toxins in his body. The nutritionist suggested a couple different energy pills which he did not tell us what those were. Tom went on to say he will now be able to stay on a low carb diet with the use of energy pills, and will continue to eat the Candida kill off foods and supplements.

We thank Tom for sharing his story. We also thank some other trainers and nutritionist I spoke to about Candida. Other suggest while trying to kill of the Candida do not go to the extreme. Going overboard on trying to rid yourself of Candida, you go thru some trebile detoxing issues like headaches and body aches. Killing off Candida release toxins and gases, and too many of them could cause real health concerns.

Well there you go, like we always say no one is the same so be careful taking any supplements or changing your diet. Always check with your doctor first before changing your diet or taking supplements. Here at Health Rumor we only related stories that may or may not be helpful.