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Diets? How many diets are out there? Well here is a link to a whole list of diets provided courtesy of

As humans we are always striving to improve ourselves, so dieting seems to be a never ending goal for ourselves. In many cases people lose weight and keep it off. Some do it for health, so do it for vanity reasons, some do it to just feel better. So many people go on a diet, lose weight, and then revert right back to their old ways of eating and gain all their weight back, and in many cases they add a few more pounds

The one thing I’ve learned from doing the blog for Health Rumor, is that no matter what diet we pick, it is about reducing calories to lose weight. If you go low carb you are losing weight because your cutting calories, and not because you are only eating protein or fat.

Our bodies need carbs, so if you go on a low carb diet, that does not mean zero carbs. It means you/we should be eating the right carbs from vegetables and fruit, and avoid the pasta and breads.

Our bodies need protein, fat, and carbs to function well. Muscle are made up of approx. 75% water, so muscle needs carbs to build muscle. Our brain uses approx. 90% glucose as fuel, so we need carbs which supply that much needed glucose for our brains.

Everyone should seriously consider cutting calories verses going on a diet of only fat and protein, or just all carbs, or whatever else you may find in the above list of diets.

Reducing calories, exercise and getting enough sleep is the key to successful dieting. Keep in mind the exercises we chose, cannot be all consuming either. I saw a person exercise twice a day and restrict their calorie intake dramatically, which really help that person lose weight. When the reality of not being able to work out twice a day came about due to work issues, that same person started gaining their weight back. Keep your diet and exercises realistic for long term success.

I was such a big fan of low carb diets, but when I needed energy to work outdoors I had to add carbs. I made myself really sick one day, not getting enough carbs. A quick drink of Gatorade brought me back around.

Be very, very cautious about going on a certain diet. Reduce your calories instead to lose weight and feel better.

As we always say, visit your doctor before starting any type of diet and or calorie restriction. Health Rumor is for information purposes only, and is not a guide to health.