Chipotle Mexican Grill – Healthy Fast Food

written by admin on August 20, 2016 in Food Rumor and General health Rumors with no comments

Hey a shout out to Chipotle Mexican Grill for providing a really great way to eat fast and healthy.

A couple months ago a friend asked if I wanted to eat at Chipotle. I am constantly watching my diet, so I don’t eat fast food very often if at all. This friend told me I should try it, and that it was a healthy place to eat. I just thought of it as a Mexican Restaurant, which I like so I agreed to go. Well I soon found out it was not a typical Mexican Restaurant, but a really, and I mean really a fast food restaurant with some very healthy choices. I was over a little over welled in the beginning not knowing exactly what to do. You can either have a Burrito or a bowl for your food. You pick the ingredients and they either wrap it in a burrito or put the food in the bowl.

Okay first they ask if you want rice, so I took the brown rice, then I had black beans added, along with grilled chicken. Then you move down the line and they asked what else you want on it. You can be as good or as bad as you want. I just added some corn and mild salsa. I’m not going to describe the whole menu, but they do offer fresh guacamole and chip too. Some places have beer, so like I said you can be as good and bad with your eating habits as you want. The whole thing is really very nice. I now try to eat there at least 4 if not 5 days a week. Since I have started eating there I have lost an inch off my waist for a couple reasons. One it fills me up, so I’m not hungry. Two I’ve cut down on calories, so there is the reason for the weight loss. I never have the rice, I get two scoops of black beans which is an excellent source of food, then I add the chicken, some grilled veggies and mild salsa. The link above for black beans is added information about how healthy black beans are for you. That’s it, and it is perfect for me. Give it a try. They are very fast, so if the lines long don’t leave. It all moves fast.

Keep in mind it is still a fast food restaurant that gives you some tasty options, so make sure about yourself control on what to pick, because it is all very good.

If you are on a controlled diet from your doctor, then you will most likely want to check with him or her about eating at any fast food restaurant.