Health of Your Gut

After hearing about the leaky gut I found it interesting that possibly 80% of our immune system is held with in our stomach area. I was just amazed at this and looked for more information. As you know we only post information sent into to me.  We not health care professionals and information we post

Leaky Gut – Colostrum

Of all the health rumors we have published I think this one is ranked very high. Okay why would I say this? I heard from a few people about being Gluten Free (ok more than a few) and the possibilities of Celiac Disease. Well I heard from a gentleman named Tom from Illinois. Tom related

Beer Belly or Estrogen Belly?

This is a real interesting health rumor. I ran into a gentleman who’s name is Steve at the fitness center. Steve related to me he was on a new weight loss program he developed along with his doctor. He mentioned that he turned 50 and realized no matter how hard he worked out he could

Sitting is the New Smoking

Okay today I heard someone on television say the sitting is the new smoking. Of course I heard this while I was sitting . Anyway I wonder how many people had read our blog post about Prolonged Sitting? The fact people are still talking about this means a lot. I know we all hear how

Vitamin K2 and Type 2 Diabetes

We have heard from a lot of people about how Type 2 Diabetes may be affecting them. Many have said or I should ask us why they get tried after eating. Well we certainly don’t know why. Our blog is to help provide information about various health stories written in by people. We do not

Atkins Website for Low Carb dieting

In some of the posts on this blog we have mentioned low carb dieting and how beneficial it can be for some. Please keep in mind what we say over and over again, none of us are physically the same. What works for one person may not work for another person. You have to read

Fitness for physically demanding jobs

Recently Stan from the south suburbs of Chicago related a story about his job in the construction industry and how physically demanding it can be. Stan related that he started in the construction industry as a laborer at the age of 19 after returning from active duty in the military. Stan mentioned that he is

Whey Protein for People of all ages

This health rumor is from Ron in Tampa Florida. Ron related to us that he is 51 and up until recently never took supplements for his health. Ron mentioned that he has been into fitness since college and has always enjoyed working out lifting weights, racquetball, biking, hiking, etc. Ron loves working out, but enjoys

Supplements and Diet

How many people tell their friends in the beginning of each New Year they are going to get back in shape and start a new diet? All of us probably know a few – right? Since the first of the year I have heard so many people talking about diet and supplements I thought I

Cortisol and Belly Fat

This health rumor was sent in by Lisa from Las Vegas Nevada. Lisa related that is has always been in good shape and had always find to exercise. Lisa mentioned that she is 51 years old and had recently developed a larger belly. Lisa could not understand why, since she worked out hard and followed a